Monday, October 24, 2005

Well, with this, I started the ball rolling three years ago today, and hopefully it has a ways to roll before it's done.

In plain English, today is my third blogaversary. Huzzah!

I didn't really have time to come up with a snazzy graphic, hope you'll forgive.

I didn't really know what to expect when I started this thing, only that it might be interesting and kinda fun. Cue the voice of Walter Parks Thatcher in Citizen Kane: "I think it would be fun to run a newspaper." Anyway, I've made a lot of friends, garnered a tiny bit of attention, and learned a lot in the process, and I thank each and every one of you who deigns to take some time out of your busy lives to read what I've posted, from the Google searchers looking for Kim Possible porn to the comics professionals and publishers who link to the reviews I write. And in turn, as always, all I can do is promise that I will always strive not to suck.

OK, that's all, back to your regularly scheduled lives.

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