Sunday, October 09, 2005

It's Johnny's Birthday.

As you may or may not be aware, today would have been the 65th birthday of JOHN Winston O'Boogie Ono LENNON.

And, in keeping with the Beatle birthday tradition I started this year, here's a list of my 25 favorite solo Lennon songs. I'd do Beatle songs, but that would make the list at least twice as long!

MONEY from Live Peace in Toronto
COLD TURKEY (non-album single, also available on any number of compilations)
INSTANT KARMA (We All Shine On) (non-album single, also available on any number of compilations)
I FOUND OUT from Plastic Ono Band
WORKING CLASS HERO from Plastic Ono Band
ISOLATION from Plastic Ono Band
GOD from Plastic Ono Band
IMAGINE from Imagine (obvious, I know, but it's a great song, even though I'm sick of it)
OH MY LOVE from Imagine
NEW YORK CITY from Some Time in New York City
MIND GAMES from Mind Games
I KNOW (I KNOW) from Mind Games
YOU ARE HERE from Mind Games
GOING DOWN ON LOVE from Walls and Bridges
SURPRISE, SURPRISE (Sweet Bird of Paradox) from Walls and Bridges
BE-BOP A LULA from Rock 'n' Roll
STAND BY ME from Rock 'n' Roll
READY TEDDY/RIP IT UP from Rock 'n' Roll
AIN'T THAT A SHAME from Rock 'n' Roll
BEAUTIFUL BOY from Double Fantasy
I'M STEPPING OUT from Milk and Honey
NOBODY TOLD ME from Milk and Honey
GROW OLD WITH ME from Lennon Anthology
I'M LOSING YOU (with Cheap Trick) from Lennon Anthology

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