Thursday, February 24, 2005

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Via This is Pop comes some very exciting news! Well, exciting for me, anyway. FINALLY, the Ringo Starr-dircted T.Rex film Born To Boogie is going to be released on DVD! With bonus documentaries! And unused footage! I'm probably the biggest Bolan fan you'd want to know, and I've never seen it (although I've seen the occasional picture and brief clip) so I am STOKED for this!

I just hope the experience of getting to see it at last doesn't turn out like when I FINALLY got a copy of Harry Nilsson & Ringo's rock 'n' roll vampire movie, 1974's Son of Dracula. I love Harry, heaven knows, and of course I love Ringo too, but that movie SUCKS. Desperately. Nilsson was no actor, the whole thing looked cheap, and the script was pretty dumb. Oh well, I wouldn't take anything for my copy! Where else you gonna see performance clips of Nilsson, who never played live?

Anyway, back to Boogie, here's a very informative page at Sanctuary Visual Entertainment, and from there, the Official Born To Boogie website.

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