Monday, February 07, 2005

OK, the Super Bowl. See, I toldja the Patriots were gonna win, didn't I? And that it would be a very close game too, right? So, smart guy, I hear you saying, why was your postseason prediction record 5-6? Uh...well...y', to heck wit'it. Wait till next year.

Favorite Super Bowl commercial (and bear in mind that I turned to Carnivale at 8 CST, then back when it was over, so I missed a few): the FedEx spot with Burt Reynolds. The rest I saw were a boring, derivative lot. The FedEx spot was derivative by design, though, so that's OK. I guess.

Paul McCartney was pretty good at halftime, too, performing on an elaborate stage that reminded me of a high-tech version of something that some network would have cobbled together for the Fabs around 1965 or so. Pretty routine run-through of familar tunes, but the band was tight and the songs were fine. I was gratified to see that he has retained many of the members of his Driving Rain tour band; I think they've spurred him to his best music since the mid-70s. Just wish he'd get around to doing a new studio record with them soon. We were fortunately spared the sign of his undoubtedly wizened teat, but I wish that he would have worn a Janet Jackson t-shirt or something equally cheeky. But "cheeky" and Paul really don't go together very well, do they?

And this concludes what will most likely be the last football-related post for a good long while. Almost time for pitchers and catchers to report!

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