Sunday, February 27, 2005

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BWAH-HA-HAAAAH! Woo hoo hoo...

Ow, my sides hurt. I've spent a fair amount of the morning over at the already-linked-to-by-everyone-else-in-the-Comics Blogospehereiverse, in which they simply reproduce a 50's-60's-70's era DC Superman, Lois Lane, or Jimmy Olsen (among others) cover and make a snarky comment. Sometimes these are funny, sometimes not so, but more often as not these covers are funny all by themselves. Then there's this delerious series of panels from some old issue of Batman or Detective, in which Batman and the Joker seem to be trying to see who can make the other screw up in public in the most embarrassing fashion- but using the parlance of the day, Bill Finger or Bob Kane or Shelley Moldoff or whoever the hell wrote these back then keep referring to them as "boners", and of such is hilarity made. Go look, whydon'cha?

In the "similar but different" department, I've also been reading (and even commented) on a CBR Forum thread by Gail Simone about how much she hates that form of sarcastic hipper-than-thou-ness dubbed "snark". She makes some great points; I hate it too, even as I occasionally laugh at it.

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