Sunday, February 27, 2005

Gee, I remember back in the day when no self-respecting comics or otherwise bloggers blogged on Sunday. Now everybody's doin' it!

New comics blogs are just like Rasputin's demon Sammael in the Hellboy movie, which I watched on DVD last night- (the first time I've seen it since I watched it through an allergy-medicine induced haze in its initial theatre release...I got the director's cut DVD box for Christmas and watched all the bonus features but hadn't viewed the actual movie) kill (or link, actually, to) one and two more spring up to take its place! I try to check out nearly all of them via Chipper; but I just can't seem to keep up when it comes to linking, and I apologize to those who've linked to me and I haven't returned the favor yet. I'll try to get you on eventually, and if you are among the few and the proud who bear my unworthy name upon your site, and I don't have yours, by all means leave a comment or shoot me an email and inform me of my egregious mistake.

I'm long overdue to re-organize my links list somehow anyway- right now I've got some vague categories, with comics bloggers mixed up with non-CB's, and that's just not satisfying to my anal nature. Complicating things is that so many blogs these days are hard to classify one way or the other, making it difficult to decide where to put them. I'm sure this one falls under that description! Anyway, as soon as I get the time and the moxie and a clue about how to go about it, I'll sit down and come up with some way to categorize my links and make them make sense for once.

A hearty "welcome back" to our old chum Sean T. Collins, who can't comics blog for fairly obvious reasons but has launched a ginchy new music blog called the Outbreak. Sean is an excellent writer about just about anything, and music is no exception. I'm looking forward to checking it out on a regular basis. I've been thinking hard and long (hey, here we go with boners again!) about trying to start a music-only blog myself- I like writing about music (and film) as much as I do comics, but I tend to let the comics stuff push all the other stuff to the back burner. Time constraints is my biggest problem. I do have that LiveJournal page I started so I could post comments on other LJ's, and that is one possibility. I must ponder this further.

I usually don't post on Sunday very often because I usually do my comics reviews on Saturday, and I don't want a host of posts (hee-poetry) to push them farther down the page, where the attention-span challenged among us are unwilling to go. So if you've made it this far, be aware that new reviews of manga, Scurvy Dogs, and what I bought in comics last week are further on down, m'kay?

I've had the stereo on all morning. Just in case you care, here's another edition of that all-too-infrequent semi-regular feature at the JBS-

Beatles For Sale; Pentangle-Solomon's Seal (brand-new, on CD! Whee!); Roy Wood-Exotic Mixture; U2-The Unforgettable Fire; Bonnie Raitt-Streetlights; Mary Travers-Circles; Manfred Mann's Earth Band-The Roaring Silence; Wet Willie-Dixie Rock; James Taylor(Apple records, 1969); Frank Zappa-Waka/Jawaka; Mick Ronson-Slaughter on Tenth Avenue; and Debbie Harry-Rockbird.

Later today- I've seen very few of the nominees, but I'm not going to let that stop me from predicting OSCAR® WINNERS!

Update, 10:53 CST Sunday night: Sean has corrected my misapprehension about his new blog; he will write about a variety of subjects, not just music. But not comics. And politics. Duly noted, and pardons are begged for.

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