Friday, February 25, 2005

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usGuess this is kinda old news by now, but I see (via Michele) where The Jayhawks have broken up.

The 'Hawks, one of those bands that I came to love after working at WLOC the first time, never really gave me a whole album of songs that I was crazy about from start to finish, but the ones I did like, like Tomorrow The Green Grass's "Blue" or Sound of Lies' haunting title cut, I liked a LOT. I saw them play in Louisville back in 2000 at Headliners Music Hall, and it was a bright spot in my otherwise dismal first unemployment summer. Hollywood Town Hall, recorded before co-founder Mark Olsen left to go be married to Victoria Williams, is probably their strongest all-around effort, but my favorite remains the hard-rockish Sound of Lies- even though it hasn't aged very well. Their last couple of releases, Smile and Rainy Day Music, were slick and mostly forgettable, although they both had their moments. Guess it was inevitable, and I can't say I won't miss hearing new music from them.

Update: According to the Jayhawks Fan Page, the divorce isn't quite final yet, or so says Gary Louris. Only time will tell...

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