Saturday, February 05, 2005

Lots of stuff to write about, and I'm off work and home alone so watch out.

Caught an episode of the WB's Batman about an hour ago. I realize that it's "supposed" to be for kids, but geez- the Joker, in his new (Matsuda-designed, I assume) all-wrong feral look, has a big ray gun that can create, apparently out of thin air, a huge plastic (or something) faux playing card in which the target is encased, presumably able to breathe but nothing else. This little device, which might have gone over in a Bridwell or Fox 1964 DC story, might, completely blew the episode for me. Not to mention the horrible, cliche-filled dialogue, full of "Easy, partner, don't do anything rash" and "Joker, you maniac" pronouncements. Ugh. I haven't been able to catch many episodes of this new series, because of work and Saturday morning errands and odd jobs which always seem to pop up- and while I like most of the character designs, Joker excepted, and art style in general, so far I'm not impressed. Dini, Murakami and Timm have nothing to worry about.

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