Wednesday, February 09, 2005

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Even though I missed the Bat Lash Justice League Unlimited episode, I've caught the two new ones since then- and they've been a mixed bag. The windup of the Chronos thing was disappointing, with a contrived ending (but let's face it- time travel stories are contrived by nature), even though it was nice to see the Batman Beyond cast back again. I always kinda liked that show.

The "Cat and the Canary" episode was OK, mostly because it was fun to see Black Canary animated, an added bonus being Morena (Inara from Firefly) Baccarin providing her voice. It bugged me that she wasn't wearing fishnets, buy then again, I'm sure those would be a bitch to animate...wonder why they didn't put her in the type of costume she's been wearing lately in Birds of Prey? Guess they wanted that "classic" BC look without the most classic component. Or did they think the black jacket and blonde wig was the strongest visual hook? Anyway, the story itself was OK, as far as I could tell was pretty consistent with the Wildcat characterizations of the past, even though he's been a tad more self confident in the pages of JSA, to the best of my's been a while since I've bought that book. I've never cared for the whole Roulette and her "Fight Club for super-villains" concept, which strikes me as very implausible, always has. They tweaked it a bit for the TV show, though, giving us a crowd full of non-costumed big shots and high rollers, where in the comics I remember the spectators being other super-villains. I had a hard time buying that the entire crowd would file out while BC cradled the presumably dead Green Arrow in her lap- first of all, it takes a long time for the crowd in a big sporting event like that to clear the building, and I can't believe nobody would make some sort of attempt to remove the body from the ring, or some old Canary foe with a grudge would try something. If Arrow's poison had lasted, say, another six hours, would she have stayed there with him in her lap for that duration, and would no one suspect something was going on? Weird ending.

Anyway, onward...saw some of the brief clips from future episodes in the closing credits, and the ones with Mister Miracle and Barda, one of which I've thoughtfully provided for you above, looked really good to me- not surprising, since I've always thought that the Superman Adventures WB series of a few years ago was at its very best when dealing with Kirby's Fourth World and its characters. Hopefully, this will continue the streak.

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