Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Really had hoped to get some more review-like stuff posted today, but 'twas not to be. Tomorrow doesn't look too good, either. Still, ya never know.

If you've been seeing my link pop up on the Comics Weblog Update-a-Tron 3000, and have come over here expecting some sort of wonderment, then were disappointed when there were no new posts, I just want you to know I'm not messing with you- I'm transferring images from my old image host, which suddenly decided a few months ago to charge me ten bucks a month, to my new image host, which is mercifully free. For the time being. Anyway, I'm having to do a lot of copying, deleting, uploading, pasting new code, and republishing on posts dating back to the Paleoithic Era, aka 2002, when I was still employed at my semi-rewarding, moderately well-paying job and I commenced this assault upon your sensibilities. Every time I republish, it pings the CWU-a-T, and then chicanery ensues. So please accept my apologies, it's going to be going on for a while, and only when I have time- I had something like 800 images at my old web host, and it's a tedious and time-consuming process! I'm also going back through a lot of the posts and deleting ones with dead links, apologies for template problems or just plain ol' not posting, silly quizzes, and so on.

While I've got your attention, a few observations.

The episode of Futurama I watched last night, "A Head in the Polls", where Bender sells his body and the head of Richard Nixon buys it so he can run for President of Earth- is in my humble opinion one of the top three episodes of that much-missed series. I was laughing my arse off, and I've seen that one a half dozen times! Especially Morbo- Nixon asks him "Hello, Morbo. How's the family?"
and Morbo replies: "Belligerent and numerous." Morbo kills me.

Got all the comics on my list of the other day except SEVEN SOLDIERS 0! NOOOO! Like Fred Willard said in A Mighty Wind, Wha'hoppen?!? My store sold out, and while I'm a little annoyed that 1) they didn't get enough copies of such an obviously high-profile comic, and 2) they didn't fill holds customers' orders first, I don't guess there's a hell of a lot I can do about it. DCBS is sounding better and better, if I could ever get myself on the position to make that first order payment... One other note: that Paul Pope issue of Solo was the shiznit, wasn't it? Wasn't it?

Got my copy of Wilco's A Ghost is Born CD yesterday, and while it's too soon for me to make any sort of solid judgment about it, I will say that while their two previous efforts reminded me of what it would sound like if Neil Young, the Beatles, the Beach Boys and Hank Sr. collaborated, this one reminds me of what it would sound like if Neil Young fronted mid-to-late 70s Genesis. And on one cut, ELO. And then there's the cut which sounds like Uncle Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music, or perhaps Young's Weld. I'm not necessarily saying that's bad, mind you, but Jeff Tweedy's apparent pretension towards Prog and his obvious disinclination towards coherent song structure means that it's going to take a while for me to assimilate it all. That said, the ELO swipe "Hummingbird", is catchy.

I made what must be my fourth attempt to sit and watch Master and Commander tonight, and bailed on it yet again. Guess there's only one conclusion I can draw from that!

Oh well, I have to get up and go to work in the morning, so I better wind this up. Oyasumi nasai. Y'all.

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