Monday, July 28, 2003

Steve Winwood once wrote a song, and I'll betcha that if he could do it all over again he wouldn't, called "Sometimes I Feel So Uninspired". And like our Stevie, today has been one of those days when I share that feeling. However, I like to try to post something at least once a day, so here it is.

I have read some other blogs as the day has passed, though...One stop was at ***Dave Does The Blog, (what's up with those three stars anyway, yo?) which has so far seen fit to ignore any reciprocal linkage to yours truly but still features good writing so I persevere. The titular ***Dave has written (during the course of his blogathon over the weekend) of 10 (or 20, I forget) comics he feels one should give to non-comics reading people in order to try to convert them to our holy cause...and it's a fine list, but there was just something about it, a certain "usual suspects" feel that caused the sizzling, sputtering christmas light idea bulb in my brain to flicker. What comics would I give to some unsuspecting "normal" person who was uninitiated to the wonderful world of graphic narratives? At the risk of seeming like I always promise more than I deliver, I think I'll ponder this for a while and perhaps write on the matter later. And this is not to say that there was anything wrong with ***Dave's list; there were many worthy titles that I have read and loved like Watchmen and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. But if I were to make a list it might be a wee bit...different...

Also, the redoubtable Bill Sherman, that Pop Culture Gadabout for all seasons, has written an appreciation of one of the bands that, like Grand Funk Railroad, all the cool older guys and gals listened to in 1970-71, the Iron Butterfly. I don't have any of their albums, but I had a friend who had that storied In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida record, and I listened to it many times and everything he saith, verily, is sooth. But I wanted to tell ya, Bill, and I would have done this over at your house if your comments were working, was that the IB released a few more albums on Atlantic (actually its Atco subsidiary, I think...also the US label of, that's right, you guessed it...ROXY MUSIC!) before disappearing into the archives of oblivion. And if we're gonna start namechecking heavy blooz rock bands of the 70s, then I got two names: Bloodrock and Uriah Heep. Both coming soon to a Mondo Vinyl-O near you!

But there I go again, promising more than I deliver.

Oh yeah. There's a new Christgau Consumer Guide up, if you're inclined to care...

Update 7/29 I just remembered an amusing little ancedote involving Iron Butterfly: when I was in marching band in high school, our drummers created a cadence based on the drum solo in "In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida". It sounded pretty cool, as I recall.

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