Tuesday, July 22, 2003

"Sometimes I just think, 'You won't read somethin' because it's called a 'comic book'? What an elitist loser- Why the hell would I want you to read my book?' I wouldn't treat a ditch-digger the way some people treated me when I told them what I did. Who needs them?"

Artist/writer Colleen Doran, as quoted by Sean Collins in his mammoth SDCC summary. To quote Morris Day: "And I know that's right!"

But Colleen! Maybe you should have told them you write and draw "pamphlets!"

I also noted with amusement his recounting of being in a long conversation with Chris (The Filth, Time Breakers)Weston and Vertigo editor Shelly Bond about one of my favorite groups, Roxy Music, and how rare it was to get a group of Roxy fans together in the same place. Oh, boy...I would have been right there with ya. I absolutely love anything the Roxy collective did pre-1977.

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