Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Looking into the future, week of July 13

Yes, it's time to indulge myself in that time-honored blog filler tradition, Comics I'll Be Getting When My DCBS Box Arrives on Friday!

SOLOMON KANE TP VOL 01: CASTLE OF THE DEVIL: Yep, I've already read this very good miniseries via, shall we say, "alternative" means, but now I can put my money where my mouth is and get a hell of sweet Mignola cover in the process.

THE BOYS #32: More wacky hijinks with those rascally super-guys.

WITCHFINDER: IN THE SERVICE OF ANGELS #1: Edward Grey, a nineteenth-century occult investigator who was previously introduced in some older Hellboy short story or another, gets a spotlight here. Mignola writes, someone named Ben Stenbeck (who apparently illo'd B.P.R.D.: The Ectoplasmic Man, which I apparently didn't pick up) draws. Sometimes these Mignola spinoffs are kinda fun. Sometimes they go straight up their own ass, like some recent B.P.R.D. minis.

BATMAN AND ROBIN #2: People continue to rave, I remain skeptical. I still think Morrison's recycling his own recycled ideas these days, and needs to take a break...but he and Quitely mesh so well together it's hard to resist.

INCOGNITO #5: More super-people being cruel to each other, but it's better than that. Isn't it?

SCALPED #30: More not-so-super people being cruel to each other, and it's excellent.

AGENTS OF ATLAS #8: What the hell? This is weekly?

B.P.R.D.: 1947 #1: I loved 1946, thought it was one of the best of last year. Then Dysart came out with the earnest but dull Unknown Soldier, and suddenly I wasn't so interested anymore. Still, this is a direct continuation, and while I doubt the more glib style of the Moon-Ba tag team will bring the same vibe that Paul Azaceta did to its predecessor, I still look forward to reading it.

FABLES #86: Fairy-tale characters, being cruel to each other. But it's better than that, mostly. Fafhrd and the Mouser are still rotting zombies, too.

WEDNESDAY COMICS #2: Heh- I'm getting two at once! Most of what I've seen from this (and there's been plenty, along with a lot of discussion) has looked really nice. Hope the format won't be a pain in the ass to store. And, like Jog, I hope that this doesn't begin to come across as a bunch of inventory stories, refurbished for novelty value.

Also, I'll be reviewing
And probably a couple of others that I'm forgetting about. Cheers, and Happy Bastille Day!

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