Sunday, July 01, 2007

Kinda having a lazy weekend, not doing much at all, relatively speaking. Grocery shopping yesterday with Mrs. B, reading new comics received on Friday, checking out the Big Trouble in Little China DVD I bought while on the aforementioned shipping trip, and actually took a nap for a couple of hours. Today, radio station from 6AM to 10 AM, a little housework, listening to more R.E.M., and preparing to watch Pan's Labyrinth this evening after I cut the grass in a little while.

In the meantime, and listen up all you R.E.M. and Paul McCartney/John Lennon fans out there, I've been reading some great blogging lately about both subjects. First, on the LiveJournal of Todd Alcott, he's been writing a lot about Sir Paul, both Beatle-wise and solo as well, even comparing McCartney solo albums with Lennon solo efforts of the same approximate year. And while I can't say that I always agree with him, he's saying what he's saying very well, and I've enjoyed reading his posts. I think you might, too!

On the R.E.M. front, I've been listening a lot to the output of Messrs. Berry, Buck, Mills and Stipe lately and it's all the fault of Matthew Perpetua's excellent Pop Songs 07 blog. He's taking a random R.E.M. song more or less every day and writing a succinct summary about them, then tagging them by album name for easier reference. Again, super good music writing.

Have a great Sunday afternoon!

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