Friday, June 30, 2006

All right, enough's enough- I've finally gotten over that stomach virus or food poisoning or whatever that I had, and I feel like me for the first time since Tuesday night. But tonight, I had DVDs of Neil Young (new Heart of Gold, so-so) and Faces-Last Concert (too many shots of Rod Stewart wiggling his ass, and the print condition was miserable, but Keith Richards guest starred and it was the frickin' Faces! Without Ronnie Lane, dammit, but still) plus I got my box o'new comics that means that I'll be getting back in the saddle tomorrow, if nothing else but to get started on my PopCultureShock column with the new title, which is due over the weekend. Thanks for your patience, indulgence, and interest, such as it may be.

I did get a tidbit of information from none other than Steve (Timespirits) Perry tonight via email, and it went like this:

Timespirits is being reprinted by Image into a graphic novel with new stuff by Me and Tom(Yeates).

Apparently this supersedes the previous plans by another publisher to reprint the series that I hold in such high regard, and for my part I couldn't be happier that it's from a higher profile company than was previously announced- perhaps Image can hype it a bit more. We shall see. And hopefully I can be the one to let you know when it happens!

He also goes on to say

Steve Perry (me. you mother) who wrote Timespirits and Thundercats and Silverhawks and Dracula and GI Joe and Bizarre Adventures and Amazing High Adventures and Creepy and Heavy Metal and Conan and Star Wars and all that other shit ... is finally doing what he wants: A COMICS GRAPHIC NOVEL ABOUT MY SEVEN YEARS IN THE CARNIVAL: It's called RED EYE GRAVY. It is being drawn by JIM WHEELOCK, a fantastic artist out of LA who has never hit except in the cinema. Watch out -- adult material. Crazy.

This bears watching, too, I think! Link is mine. If it's the wrong Jim Wheelock, I apologize. Not exactly a hard-hitting comics journalist over here.

All right, that's all I got tonight. Check back soon.

And oh- that Sergio Aragones issue of Solo? BRILLIANT.

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