Saturday, January 01, 2005

(Final regular season edition...)

The last week of the regular season is always the most difficult to pick...even more so than the first. You've got teams who are already in their playoff slot, and don't want to risk getting their stars hurt, you've got situations where it means more to one team than another, you've got games where both teams are playing out the string- it just makes for a lot of unpredictability. But I don't call these "fearless" picks for nothing, so once more into the breach, dear friends:

BALTIMORE over Miami
BUFFALO over Pittsburgh
CAROLINA over New Orleans
GREEN BAY over Chicago
HOUSTON over Cleveland
NEW ENGLAND over San Francisco
CINCINNATI over Philadelphia
ST.LOUIS over the NY JETS (they made a statement last week, alright..."We SUCK")
TENNESSEE over Detroit
MINNESOTA over Washington
ARIZONA over Tampa Bay
OAKLAND over Jacksonville
SAN DIEGO over Kansas City
NY GIANTS over Dallas

and the one I'm sure some of you have been waiting for...

here it comes...

SEATTLE over Atlanta. The Seahawks have more to play for, and yes, I'm aware that I've picked the Falcons to lose 3 out of the last 4 weeks.

Last week: 10-6. Not great, but better than last week. Season to date: 147-93, .613.

Fantasy: I won 70-63 in the consolation bracket of the playoffs. I play tomorrow for 5th place. Feh.

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