Tuesday, January 04, 2005

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From Newsarama comes some sad news indeed: Will Eisner passed away yesterday evening, January 3rd.

Of all the comics I've read over the last four decades, there were few that I loved more than Eisner's Spirit stories. I posted something over at Newsarama; I'll reprint it here:

The first time I ever encountered Eisner's work was in 1966, when I was 6 years old and picked up a copy of Harvey's Spirit #1. Twisted my head right off, it did- here was a new way of telling stories, and it didn't look a damn thing like Kirby, Ditko, Curt Swan or Murphy Anderson. Of course, I had no idea at the time that these were 15-something year old reprints- all I knew was that these stories looked good. When Warren began its reprint magazine in the 70s, I was right there, hungry to read more of these great stories and these great characters. Even though I sold a great deal of my original collection, I held on to those two Harvey reprint issues, and I wouldn't sell 'em for anything.

Will Eisner was one of the absolute greats in the Comics Pantheon, up there with any other person you'd care to name. Thanks for the Spirit, and all your other great work, Mr. Eisner, and rest in peace.

A sad day for anybody who's ever loved the art of storytelling.

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