Saturday, November 20, 2004

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usTime now for the ongoing saga that is JOHNNY B's FEARLESS NFL PIGSKIN PROGNOSTICATIONS!

Standard disclaimer first: These picks are FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. I'm not betting illegally with these, and NEITHER SHOULD YOU...and I take no responsibility if you lose your house.

Best news, besides Atlanta's encouraging victory over Tampa Bay (which I refuse to get too excited about until they beat them at Tampa), was that after numerous attempts I FINALLY PICKED A CINCINNATI BENGALS VICTORY! On the negative side, I once again chose incorrectly in regards to the Pittsburgh Steelers, a team I like very much but keep expecting to lose eventually...AND THEY NEVER DO! So naturally, this week, the two teams I can't seem to get a handle on meet. NOW what are ya gonna do, JB? Well...

PITTSBURGH Over Cincinnati: OK- this is a road game for the Steelers. The Bengals have been playing much, much better lately. The Steelers won't have Duce Staley again, no real impediment so far. I've incorrectly chosen Pittsburgh to lose three weeks straight. So, of course, I take Pittsburgh, because I owe them one. Who the hell knows what will happen.
BALTIMORE over Dallas
TAMPA BAY over San Francisco
DENVER over New Orleans
MINNESOTA over Detroit
JACKSONVILLE over Tennessee
CLEVELAND over the NY Jets
ARIZONA over Carolina
BUFFALO over St. Louis
SAN DIEGO over Oakland
SEATTLE over Miami
PHILADELPHIA over Washington
ATLANTA over the NY Giants
GREEN BAY over Houston
NEW ENGLAND over Kansas City

Last week, 10-4. Now that's what I'm talkin' about! Season to date: 81-63, .563.

Fantasy: Ugh. Lost in the money league 66-22, to one of the two teams that (at the time) had worse records than I. I'm now 3-7, last place in my division. In the Yahoo league, I lost by the astounding score of 113-90 and have now fallen to 5-5, tied with three other teams for 4th place in a 12-team league. Blech.

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