Saturday, November 06, 2004


And I've never been happier to be wrong than when my Falcons marched into Denver and kicked their collective asses at Mile High or Invesco or Whateverthehellyoucallit Stadium/Field. That was not the same team that was humiliated by the Chiefs. Anyway, they're idle this weekend, and it's anybody's guess which one we'll get next weekend...

BUFFALO over the New York Jets- right off the bat, a hunch play. I think the Bills' D is strong enough to give the Jets problems, and they'll try to control the clock with Willis McGahee on the ground. It will be close, but I think the Bills may pull the upset at home.

CAROLINA over Oakland- the Panthers get Stephen Davis back at 75%, but even 75% is good enough to beat the wretched Raiders, who should be better than they are.

DALLAS over Cincinnati- the Monday night game with Denver (who has problems of their own) excluded, the Bengals have come up small all season long. Hope I'm wrong.

DETROIT over Washington- the Skinnies have owned the Lions for a long time, but I think this is where another Lions negative streak ends. Mark Brunell just sisn't getting the job done.

ARIZONA over Miami- even on the road, I like Zona's D better than Miami's putrid offense. Could be a field goal game.

PHILADELPHIA over Pittsburgh- the game of the week. The Steelers have shown a lot of toughness in beating the Pats and acheiving their 6-1 record, but the Eagles defense is as tough as any Ben Rothlisberger has faced so far, including New England's, and their offense is really clicking. Still, you should never count the Steelers out, especially at home.

KANSAS CITY over Tampa Bay- the Cheifs made believers out of me, and they've really jelled on offense. Tampa's D is tough, and its O is better, but I don't think they're the better team. Should be close, maybe decided by a field goal.

NEW YORK GIANTS over Chicago- the Bears play hard, but no.

SAN DIEGO over New Orleans- a shootout, and I go with the home team.

SEATTLE over San Fransisco- Even though the 'Hawks have been inconsistent and underacheiving, they're better than the 49ers. They may be beginning to get on a roll.

DENVER over Houston- it did my heart good to see the Broncos lose the way they did at home last weekend, but I just can't see them dropping two in a row. The Texans are good, though, and could possibly do it.

ST.LOUIS over New England- injuries have begun to hurt the mighty Patriots a bit, and the Rams will be hard to beat in St. Louis. I don't think they'll lose more than two in a row, though.

BALTIMORE over Cleveland- if I keep picking this one, it'l happen eventually, right?

INDIANAPOLIS over Minnesota- the Vikings will score on the Colt's soft defense, but I don't think they'll score enough because their defense is mighty soft as well.

Last week: a wretched 6-8. Season overall: 64-52, .552.


Cutthroat League: lost 24-19, because Atlanta shut down Reuben Droughns (oh the irony) and Morten Andersen only had 1 point. Gah. 2-6, dead in the water.

Yahoo League: won 80-50. 5-3, third in a 12-team league. This week I play the best team in the league, which is undefeated, and I probably won't have Randy Moss. Gah.

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