Wednesday, August 17, 2005

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Like many media obsessed types around my age, I am fond of a short-lived TV show that aired in the 70's and starred Darren McGavin as a newspaper reporter who kept getting mixed up with occult goings-on.

Now, I'm delighted to announce that there's a brand-new blog devoted to all things Kolchak: KOCHALKAHOLIC!

Huh? What? Kochalka? Not Kolchak?

Oh. Heh. Never mind.

All seriousness aside, it's the place to be if James K. Superstar you want to see- and it's mostly written by ADD. Lovingly. Oh can't you see?

Uh, sorry, busting out into song there. Sorry. Really.

Which reminds me- the urban sprawl-like growth of the Comics Blogosphereiverse means that there are scads of worthwhile new C.B.'s popping up every day, it seems. And if you are the proud owner of one such blog, and I haven't linked to you, I apologize. The IT department here at the Show is fully aware of the situation, and will try to satisfy everyone eventually. That's our goal here at the Johnny Bacardi Show.

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