Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I have just placed my first order, for books shipping in October, from Discount Comic Book Service.

My world as I know it has changed irrevocably.

Want some irony? One of the reasons for my decision to finally take this step is the fact that my comics shop has steadfastly refused to obtain books like Middle Man and Temporary for me. So in this month's order, they have Middle Man #4...and I'm thinking that I'll pass on MM and hope for a trade, so I didn't order it.

I'll still stop in at the LCS once in a while, especially when they have their sidewalk sales...but my days of driving across town and missing small-press titles are O-VAH. I hope.

I've paid extra for weekly shipping, so hopefully my review column's schedule won't be affected too much. My order, with shipping, the extra charge for weekly, and bags & boards, will be $87.32. At my LCS, all these books, with no discount and .13 for a bag-and-board combo each, would be $115.42, plus I won't have to make the drive anymore. All good, except I have to do something which I ordinarily hate- wait on mail.

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