Friday, February 27, 2004

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You just never know sometimes, do ya.

Just read an interesting news item over at Graeme's...seems that there's a chance that there will be a collected edition of a series which I'm surprised anyone even remembers, let alone wants to collect- Bill and Ted's Excellent Comic Book!

I liked the movies, and remember when the series was launched. Nine and three-quarters times out of ten, comic book movie adaptations and series based on same are lackluster affairs, rarely capturing the same qualities that made the source material entertaining. So I passed on it. Then, I discovered Evan Dorkin's Milk and Cheese, loved it, then made an amazing discovery one day whilst perusing the new arrivals on the spinner rack at Jr. Foods- that very same Dorkin fella that tickled me funny bone so much with his dairy products gone bad was doing this, as well! The issue in question was Bill & Ted's Excellent Comic Book #11, and as is so often the case, I went on a quest to hunt up the back issues I had missed. And I soon found out, to my dismay, that they're scarcer than hen's teeth (to coin a cliché). So it took me a while, and several mail orders along with trips to Louisville and Nashville (and no, I wasn't going just to find B&T comics. I didn't like 'em that much!), but I eventually got a run of 11 of the 12 issues that Marvel published. #10 remains elusive, to this day...but to be honest, I haven't looked anywhere for it in a long time. Anyway, Bill & Ted's Excellent Comic Book turned out to be pretty entertaining, with Dorkin going a bit beyond the parameters of the films and injecting his idiosyncratic sense of humor where he could, especially after the buzz died down after the lackluster ratings performance of the animated TV show.

So what I'm trying to say in a most roundabout way is that I kinda liked that book, and will most definitely make plans to pick up that trade. It promises to be most non-non-non heinous.