Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Well, looks like I'm going to be shelling out quite a bit of the coin of the realm tomorrow, according to the Diamond shipping list:

(Scott Morse! I don't remember if I signed up for this or not. As much as I love Morse's work, I'm kinda hoping not, and I'll get it later)
LUCIFER #47 $2.50
(no, Scott and Christopher, I'm not getting tired of this title...)
JACK STAFF, VOL 1: EVERYTHING USED TO BE BLACK & WHITE TP $19.95 There are two issues of JS I don't have- #'s 5 and 8. I already have #'s 1-4 thanks to the earlier TPB. Why am I not simply ordering those two books from Grist, rather than dropping 20 bucks for 2 stories I don't own? I don't know...
DAREDEVIL #57 $2.99

Guess that's it, but for these six books, I'm going to be laying out $38.79! $41.07 with tax! And that's if those missing issues of Love Fights, Gotham Central, Absent Friends and Deep Sleeper don't show up! Something's got to give, and unfortunately it looks like it's gonna be me...

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