Thursday, February 26, 2004

Hm. After reading the Waiting For Tommy interview with Igor Kordey plus many of the reactions over at Millarworld's message boards, one cliché and one general opinion come to mind.

The cliché: "Fuck with the bull, you get the horn".

The general opinion: Any creator worth his salt, especially one who seems to have such a distaste for illustrating characters wearing "diapers" (Kordey's term for spandex, not mine) is wasting both his time and ours when he does the likes of X-Men. Get your ass over to DC and do some Vertigo projects, Igor. I personally would love to see you tackle The Losers or Lucifer. Or Dark Horse. Or anybody, for gosh sakes!

By the way, the only books I own with Kordey art are one TPB of New X-Men and his four-issue Black Widow series, which I liked very much. Just for the record.

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