Monday, February 09, 2004

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A while back I was reading on somebody's blog, in fact a couple of somebody's blogs, about the curious phenomenon that has been observed in the art of many comics of the last two or three decades: the boob sock. In other words, as I understand it, this applies to any female character drawn wearing a tight spandex, cotton, or leather upper garment with shape and outline of said character's breasts being plainly shown, almost as if the shirt or whatever was designed with form-fitting cups, or "socks" for the mammary glands in question. As many discerning people know, clothes just don't fit like this, not even when extremely tight or wet. The pundits describe this as "Boob Socks".

After having read this enlightening exchange, one of the first things I noticed when reading the first issue of DC's Sandman Presents- Thessaly: Witch For Hire, was that the tit-ular character (sorry, I'm a bad boy) was wearing boob socks, courtesy of "fan-favorite" artist (that's what it says in DC's full page ads for this book, anyway) Shawn McManus, whose chief claim to fame was illustrating Alan Moore's "Pog" story in Swamp Thing over 20 years ago. I wonder which fan he is a favorite of. Anyway, enough with the snark, I just wanted to show that I, too, am "hip" to the boob sock phenomenon.