Sunday, February 15, 2004

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I've been playing around with the Acme License Maker, and created my very own Kentucky plate. Problem is, our state license plates don't look like this anymore- we now have a design with a big smiley face sun straight outta Teletubbies on 'em, which absolutely nobody likes. I understand they'll be changing 'em soon. Anyway, if you don't want one, the state will be happy to sell you, for upwards of 25 bucks, a plate with logos of some of the State Universities, like Kentucky, Western Kentucky, or Louisville, or you can get 'em with butterflies, cardinals, or to advertise military honors or some charitable organizations. Or, if you drive a truck, you can get a generic blue & white plate, which is what I have.

And that's your lesson in state history and social studies for today. Workin' on those comics reviews...stay tuned!