Tuesday, February 17, 2004

I think it's time for the semi-monthly sports post.

The big deal right now in sports is the Yankees getting Alex Rodriguez from Texas. Most view this as a portent that the apocalypse is upon us. I do not share that view. I have seen nothing yet that shows me that Rodriguez is anything even remotely resembling a winner, and the Yankees still have some holes that they need to plug. Of course, all this means is that they can go out and spend twenty or thirty mil more and get somebody...I mean when your payroll's already nearing 200 million, what's another 10 or 15?

I love Bill Simmons' column on ESPN.com this week...he's one Red Sox fan who isn't preparing to jump in the Atlantic Ocean.

Meanwhile, my White Sox steadfastly refuse to succumb to this spending mania, preferring to remain status quo...except for threatening to trade Magglio Ordonez, which would have been stupidity of the highest sort. Fortunately, this talk has died down for now.

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