Thursday, November 28, 2002

While waiting to get the call to go to my Grandmother's house, here's COMIC REVIEWS!

What I bought and what I thought, lifted straight from the DC Comics Message Board:

Tough week to sort out...quality was high from top to bottom.

1. 100% 4: A bit late, but worth the wait. Highly recommended for artists and romantics. A+

2. JOHN CONSTANTINE: HELLBLAZER 178: Guess you just have to be British to write Johnny-boy, because unlike Azz (and this is no knock on Azzurello, I think he's a fine writer and I love 100 Bullets) Mike Carey understands JC and how he fits in and operates in his world. And the dialogue (always important in any successful JC story) is, as our British friends like to say, spot-on. Marcelo Frusin turnes in another great art job as well...he certainly is a contender for "most underrated artist working today". A

3. X-STATIX 4: Woo hoo! Two Paul Pope art jobs in one week! I bet the Marvel freaks who can't stand Allred's work are really getting their panties in a bunch after seeing THIS issue. Despite a forced, rushed conclusion, this was great overall. It's really beginning to concern me when guest artists, substitutes for Allred, make the scripts more lively than the regular artist...which has been the case with both Pope and recent fill-in Duncan Fregredo. A-

4. MIDNIGHT:MASS. 8: This series finale (for now) was well done. Good script, if a bit awkwardly stitched together (a necessity, due to the truncation of the original planned series length), and good-not-great art, with likeable, interesting characters. I'll buy the sequel. A-

5. GLOBAL FREQUENCY 2: Due to Ellis' self-imposed one-issue-in-length story mandate, this was wrapped up a bit too neatly and quickly for my liking...but it was still gripping, and well dialogued. I like this concept. Illustrator Glenn Fabry had his moments, but as an interior artist he makes a good cover artist. A-

6. CATWOMAN 13: I don't know, maybe it's me. Maybe I'm just missing Darwyn Cooke. But despite the fact that it's nicely drawn by Cameron Stewart, and much of consequence happens in this issue including a great Bruce Wayne cameo, I'm just not all that interested in this book anymore. When ennui sets in, it's usually a good thing to cut bait...but I still want to see how this storyline plays out. Then we'll see. B+

7. LEAVE IT TO CHANCE 13: Another rushed script, and Paul Smith's art has gotten looser and sloppier, apparently channeling the worst tendencies of Kyle Baker. Isn't it funny how I criticize Baker and Smith, but lionize Paul Pope? Go figure...Still, it's nice seeing this modest and enjoyable book back after a long hiatus, and I hope there will be more soon. B+

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