Thursday, November 28, 2002

Just a few random musings...

A couple of things I watched lately but haven't commented on: the film Behind Enemy Lines and the recent Dean Martin/Jerry Lewis TV movie that aired last Sunday.

"Lines" was pretty much junk, an attempt to update Top Gun for the Aughts, and on that level it was successful but then again I thought Top Gun was junk as well. But there's good junk and there's bad junk..."Lines" is the type of movie in which the lead character can have a whole battalion chasing him around over hills and mountains, and fire round after round of ammunition at him but never hit him once. Star Owen Wilson (Shanghai Noon) gets to do his likeable, goofy laid back reular guy schtick and he is indeed so likeable that I found myself, despite my growing disenchantment with the actual events of the film, rooting for him. Gene Hackman's in there too, and while he is given nothing much at all to do he does it well, whatever "it" is. Lots of flashy visuals, unsurprising since the director has a background in commercials; the scene in which Wilson and his co-pilot are shot down is gripping, and the otherwise ludicrous scene in which Wilson outruns a field full of exploding landmines, tripping wires all the way, and emerges unscathed without even an earache for his troubles, is highly watchable and even exciting. So if I was rating it I'd give it a C+, and recommend that you wait for it to play on cable. Whoops! I did rate it! Silly me.

The Martin and Lewis biopic was pretty darn good. I've always admired Martin's goofy cool and way with a tune, and enjoyed the bio from a few years ago. Never had much use for Lewis, though. Anyway, the period recreation was outstanding (and no, I'm not old enough to remember it firsthand, but I've seen lots of pictures), and the guy from Will and Grace who played Jerry was outstanding. Even the fellow who played Dean was OK, especially during the dramatic scenes, but when he lipsynched Dino's songs he gestured way too much. Rating? Oh, A-.

Tom Brady did absolutely fuckall against the Lions today, and of the other three fantasy players I had going today I only got one touchdown. Looks like I'm screwed. blued, and tattooed, unless I get lucky. And as any Fantasy Football playa will tell you, FFB is 20% preparation and 80% luck.

Watched large parts of two Bond flicks today-You Only Live Twice, which I've always liked (especially the gorgeous theme song) but now when I see it I see the direct inspiration for Austin Powers, and On Her Majestys Secret Service, legendary as the non-Connery 60s Bond flick. George Lazenby is wooden and dull as James in this one, but the radiant Diana Rigg steals the show. Rigg was my first crush, when I was 8 and watched Avengers every Sunday night on PBS... I had a hard time staying interested in OHMSS, though, so I bailed before it was over. God I miss seeing the Avengers. Wish A&E would start showing it again...I need to get the episodes on DVD.

Added a site link to Eatonweb. Hopefully that way more people will check out my humble little blog, and maybe even more will be moved to COMMENT...hint hint...I know, I know, if I'd write something interesting people would comment. *sigh*

I subscribe to the Bill Nelson Yahoo! Group, and get a link every so often to his online journal. There was a particularly interesting entry on there yesterday, about how he's getting the royal shaft, in respect to royalties, from his old record company from the 70s. I know you probably have no idea who Nelson is, but if you want to read a cautionary story about the evils of the music biz, click here. Nelson, by the way, used to be the singer/guitarist/songwriter/frontman for the excellent but undeservedly obscure 70s prog rock band BeBop Deluxe. After Deluxe fell apart in 1978, he went on his own, producing acts like A Flock of Seagulls (much of the 80s New Wave synth stuff owes him a DEEP debt) in between releasing obscure efforts on his own. He's had his ups and downs, but has remained an interesting musician and a articulate writer. You should get to know his art.

Firefly is on hiatus. Just read this at Ain't It Cool News. Damn damn damn. I have nasty premonitions of American Gothic a few years ago, a great show that got watered down when initial ratings were poor. When and if Firefly returns, watch for signs of telltale tinkering.

Music today: none really, but I think I heard the Avril Levigne song "Complicated" about a thousand times today, courtesy of my daughter.

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