Thursday, November 07, 2002

I'm very stoked right now, because I just spoke to Thriller artist Trevor Von Eeden on the phone. If you want to know the Thriller story, please click on the link at right. When building my website, I wanted to speak to the creators and get their side of everything. I had managed to contact writer Robert Loren Fleming, but his collaborator Von Eeden had been much tougher to track down. Finally, I managed to get a third party involved who said if I'd send him a self addressed self stamped envelope containing a letter to TVE then he'd forward it along. Months passed and I had pretty much given up, thinking he was probably too busy, couldn't be bothered, didn't want to talk about it, or any of a number of scenarios. Then, wonder of wonders, I came home two weeks ago tomorrow and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a note, written by my son, which said "Trevor Von Eeden called, said he got your letter and is replying" and had his phone number! I thought I'd better read the letter before I tried to call the number, but as the days went by I became afraid he might think I was blowing him off so I broke down and called. On the third night I tried to call, I finally got an answer, not him but someone in his family I assume, who took my name and number. I told my family that if he called this time, give him my work phone, and that's what he called today! Whew! He said he has written a ten page letter, critiquing his work, was flattered and happy to hear that people remembered and liked the book, and invited me to call back after I'd read the letter. So when he mails the darn thing, I'm in business!

More, which I suppose is a prerequisite when it comes to linking and blogs; and Paul, which is the site of an artist whose work I have come to admire very much, especially the amazing 100% which is coming out right now from DC/Vertigo Comics. Also just added, the blogsites of the demented writer Warren Ellis and the Comics Journal. Mucho interesting-o. If you like comics and such.

I feel obligated to talk about politics, which I seldom do. Just like religion. Actually, both subjects are kinda similar if you ask me. I'll spare you all for now, but be warned-it's coming, 'cause I've been clicking around and checking out other blogs, and all the other kids have been doing it. So lemming-like, I feel the urge to follow suit. I will say this with pride-in the Kentucky State Representative to Congress, 2nd District race, I was the only one in my voting district to vote for the Libertarian candidate. Not that I consider myself a Libertarian per se, mind you, I just didn't care for the other choices. I saw the election returns at the AM radio station where I work part time. It's kinda neat to look at that sheet with all those numbers and see that number and know that it's your vote.

More music today: Ween-Chocolate and Cheese, Nick Drake-Pink Moon.

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