Wednesday, November 20, 2002

I've been neglectful. I've added several sites/blogs to the list at right and haven't written about them. Apologies to all involved, no slight was intended. One blog I do wish to note is the most recent one I added, the Vodka Pundit. I got a laugh or three from his writings, and we who invoke alcohol in our pen names should stick together, so there he is. Rock on, Vodka Pundit. Maybe I could be the Rum Pundit someday. I should live so long.

I also added the very enlightening sites, endorsed by no less than Tom Tomorrow, and Stand Down, an always interesting and sadly relevant anti-war site. You see, the idea is that if you or someone like you stumbles upon this humble little blog, since you most likely won't find a lot of insightful political commentary (political commentary being de rigeur for blogs, as far as I can tell), then so you won't go away disappointed you can click on one of those friendly little links at right and get the political commentary I know you are all (if you'll excuse the expression) jonesing for. All for one and one for all, that's me!

Jonesing. Like in Jones. My real last name, you know.

More music: The Replacements-All Shook Down, and Prince-Come.

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