Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Hello again.

More links at right, to more interesting pages. Franklin's Findings, by (appropriately enough) Franklin Harris, Flat Earth by somebody whose name has eluded my clicking around in order to find out but is full of great comics related news, and the site devoted to one of my absolute favorite singers, songwriters, and musicians, Harry Nilsson. I might write more about why I feel that way later. Go to the discography section where I have written numerous capsule reviews of many of Harry's albums, with the notable exception of my favorite, Son of Schmilsson. Words (so far) have failed me.

Also, happy birthday to another member of the Dave's Faves club, Neil Young. So when the heck are you gonna release On The Beach on CD, Neil?

Music so far today: Yo La Tengo-Fakebook, Cyndi Lauper-Sisters of Avalon, Masters of Reality-Welcome to the Western Lodge, and Nilsson-Pussy Cats.

Time for lunch. Hopefully more later.

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