Saturday, November 16, 2002

Just watched one of the most blatantly stupid films I've ever seen in my life: Adam Sandler's Mr. Deeds. Maybe if I had ever seen the original Mr. Deeds Goes To Town, I might get it...but a movie where everyone is just egregiously idiotic, bad guys and good guys alike, is a movie that's difficult for me to warm to. And what's really odd about this is that I like Adam Sandler. I've liked him since he was the "Stud Boy" on MTV's Remote Control. SNL? Great! Operaman! And I liked The Waterboy. Billy Madison. Happy Gilmore. Big Daddy. Little Nicky, even! Well, I don't know about Nicky but these are all classics of cinema compared to Sandler's Mr. Deeds. Heck, it's not that I don't like stupid comedies, of my favorite movies of the last few years is the unbelievably moronic but totally imaginative and hilarious Dude, Where's My Car?! But I just sat through this one with my mouth hanging open at the sheer idiocy. Sandler just seems to sleepwalk through his role (think he took Punch Drunk Love with a little damage control in mind?) and the only thing that even remotely resembled acting was delivered by that notorious felon Winona Ryder and John Tuturro as a butler that was supposed to be Spanish, but sounded strangely like Bela Lugosi to me. Feh. Glad I didn't pay for the rental.

Caught Old Woodenhead himself, Meestah Al Gore, last night on Letterman. He got my lesser of two evils vote back in '00, but I'll tell ya-if he had come across this relaxed and funny when he was campaigning, he wouldn't have had to worry about dangling chads and all that nonsense. Maybe Dave just has that effect on people, I don't know...but he's threatening, I mean considering another go at Bushy in '04, so we shall see what we shall see.

The ol' Rodeo's in the shop for the near future, so I guess I'll have to miss the Nick Drake documentary that's playing up at Louisville. Oh well. This is not shaping up to be a good weekend. Tomorrow I have to get up at 5:30 AM CST in order to work the board for the Sunday gospel programming for that little AM radio station I work for. In essence, I get to be the ringmaster of the holy roller circus for eight hours solid. We broadcast gospel music and live in the studio, evangelistic, Southern Baptist, real-hellfire-and-damnation-style preachin'- prayin-singin-shoutin' as you can find only in South Central...Kentucky, that is. Not being the religious type, necessarily, not at all down with the cause if you will, all I can do is try to get 'em in and out as efficiently as possible, and I bring a big stack of papers, magazines, books and comics to read while I try to keep a low profile in the studio while they do their thing in the other room. Of course, this time of year I try to follow football games on the station TV but that's often difficult at best. Ah, the things I do for a little spending money.

Hope you got to see Firefly and John Doe last night on Fox. Firefly was outstanding, perhaps the best episode I've seen yet, and John Doe is coming along nicely in a Prisoner meets the X-Files vein. If you're a fan of those shows, check out Mr. Doe.

Tomorrow my beloved Atlanta Falcons take on the New Orleans Saints. I didn't give 'em much of a shot against Pittsburgh last weekend, but they showed me something in that game. However, the Falcons beat NO a few weeks ago in the Big Easy, and I'm sure the Saints are pissed and will be more than a little fired up. I still like my Birds at home, though.

The Jeffrey Jones story just keeps getting stranger. Now it seems that Paul Reubens, AKA Pee Wee Herman, has been implicated in the same investigation that busted Jones. The mind boggles. Go here for the skinny.

I changed my subheading up there, but I think I'll change it back to the "Honi Soit" one. Just in case you were wondering, it's a quote from Henry V and means "You who think bad thoughts will get bad things."

That's all for now, hopefully I'll add more later.

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