Friday, November 22, 2002

Saw this story this morning on Yahoo!...thought it was quite amusing. Sorry, Vicki, I know he's your boy but...

I was listening to Jill Sobule's Pink Pearl album this morning. Great stuff. She's one of my favorite singer slash songwriters. I had the opportunity to meet her a couple of years ago in Nashville, after she had opened for Joan Osborne. Of course, I hadn't heard any of her music (besides I Kissed A Girl) at the time so all I could do was say "Nice show...what's up with the Negatives right now?" The Negatives, of course, being her band project with Lloyd Cole (big Lloyd fan here as well). A little later, I picked up a couple of her albums and wound up liking them very much, and even got to see her again a year later both opening for and serving as guitarist in the-that's right-Negatives! Of course, she appeals to no fashionable demographics right now so her career is in a bit of a stall at present; but you never know-maybe someday pop smarts and clever songcraft will stage a comeback and perhaps Jill will be at the forefront. I won't hold my breath.

More new links to the right hand side: Alas, A Blog and Body & Soul, both of which are mostly political in content and kept me reading for a while, and Erosblog, which is not for the kiddies. There seem to be at least 850 million blogs out there, and while it seems like 849 million of them deal with politics actually there are several which deal with other topics, including sex, and erosblog is one the best I've run across on that particular subject. So go forth, click, read and enjoy. I also added another illustrator's site, that of Steve "the Dude" Rude, whose work is amazing and incredible and many other adjectives.

I have actually done some artwork today! If you recall, I've been asked to help out a friend who has a pizza place by coming up with a character for them to use in ads and such. Here's what I've done and what I'm going to submit:

Image Hosted by

Hope he likes it! Of course you know it is ©2002 David Allen Jones.

More later if I get the chance; gotta go to a nephew's birthday party this evening.

Music today-Jill Sobule's Pink Pearl (duh), Lisa Germano-On the Way Down From The Moon Palace, The Move-Shazam!, and Son Volt-Straightaways.