Thursday, November 07, 2002

Continuing to search the Net for fun, interesting blogs and sites (and partly to make up for the pedestrian nature of this one), I've added Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog, a nice page by one Laura "Tegan" Gjovaag. I like the title, and the content and links were excellent, hence its inclusion on the right. Go forth and read and enjoy.

Woke up this morning, looked out the window, and was greeted with a curious sight: the sky was some sort of odd bluish color, not at all the sodden gray that I had grown accustomed to. I woke up the wife and called several of my neighbors. Almost had three accidents driving to work because I was staring at the sky in wonderment and awe at this amazing phenomenon. The man on the radio says it's going to be like this tomorrow, too. He can't be serious.

Having seen that other people are using their little bloggie-poos to review comics, I shall proceed to do so as well. This is copied straight from the DC Comics Message Boards, from a topic thread that appears regularly on the "Other DC Universe Topics" board, aka "ODCUT". It's a thread in which those who care to participate are asked to rate the new comics they bought in the past week, and comment on them if they wish. Of course you know that I'm not content merely to post a title and a star rating, OH NO. Since I am a pretentious git, I gotta write little Robert Christgau-like capsule reviews and give 'em letter grades too. So without further ado, here 'tis. Oh yeah-I go by Stately Wayne Manor, hence the "Manor" references.

1. MUTANT, TEXAS: TALES OF SHERIFF IDA RED 3: Some have complained that Dini is spinning his wheels and stretching out a short, I think he's just trying to give each of his large cast a little time in the spotlight. Clever, humorous, and often action-filled and tense, and superbly drawn by the estimable Jason Bone. A

2. POWERS 25: Despite the unpleasant opening (and let's face it, this has never been a pleasant book) this is just as solid and enjoyable as always. Deena Pilgrim makes me roll my eyes one minute and laugh out loud the next. A

3. VERTIGO POP: LONDON 1: Any book with Philip Bond art is a cause for celebration around the Manor. While the story isn't always sharp (really, now, a major British rock star, on a par with the Stones, named "Rocky"?) it is nicely dialogued (not always a Milligan strength) and I didn't see the twist at the end coming. I'll stick around for more. A-

4. X-STATIX 4: Another all-around fine issue. I was disappointed at the revelations about Solomon O'Sullivan and his associate; it seemed arbitrary and cheap and I liked S'OS just fine without it. Again, I didn't see the ending coming, and I like that. A-

5. HAWKMAN 9: My newfound admiration for Rags Morales took a slight hit when I observed the ridiculous contortions he drew Kendra in, both awake and asleep...but still, he's great at action (not that there was much of it this time out) and the script, despite the B-movie backstory it looks like Johns is going to stick her with, was passable, especially in the Doc Fate/Carter Hall scenes. So I was hot and cold with this one, and it inches ever so closer to the drop ledge...B

Honorable Mention goes to the new Comic Book Artist magazine, #22 to be precise, an overview of the Dell/Gold Key/Whitman comics line, several of which I read when I was a boy. I haven't finished it yet.

Promises to be a slow day at work today, so maybe more later!

Music today so far: Yoko Ono's Approximately Infinite Universe, NRBQ's Peek-A-Boo, the Best of NRBQ.

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