Monday, December 29, 2008

Truth, as far as it goes.


Very good news from none other than the great Mike Kaluta- seems like IDW will be publishing longtime JBS fave Starstruck!

Here, in Mike's own words, cut-and-pasted from the Kaluta Yahoo! Group, and I hope it's ok for me to post this stuff:

...since the Agreements have arrived and been signed, I can
officially tell you that Starstruck, the Comic Book, will be
returning to the stands, in color! Whew! What a LONG haul this has
been... The painter who'll add the 6th Dimension is Lee Moyer: a big
Starstruck Scholar and fine fine painter. I'm adding about 2 inches
to every page so they'll fit the Comic Book Format (nothing much
added, though, not THERE, anyway) and there'll be New New covers and
an added page or two here and there.

To make up the 13 issues out of the material that is "finished", we
are adding the Galactic Girl Guide pages to the mix, so there'll be
about 22 pages of Real Comic Art in each book, plus The Starstruck
Glossary (always fun). The GGG work was to be a Graphic Novel for
Tundra, way back when, but never caught the Brass Ring... most of the
pages are pencilled by me and inked brilliantly by Charles Vess (the
20 pages that appeared in the back of The Rocketeer Adventure
Magazine are both pencilled and inked by me). All is written by
Elaine Lee and will also have Lee Moyer's fine hand on the added
color. The publisher is IDW.

If things go well, perhaps IDW will contract for Elaine and me to
finish the rest of the many many new pages...

And about the above page sample in particular:

The Starstruck Material will be basically the pages that appeared in
the Dark Horse "Expanding Universe" issues, with a few bits and
pieces tweaked for story purposes and, as I said, maybe a new linking
page when one of the longer stories gets cut in half. It'll be the
addition of The Galactic Girl Guides material that'll be new to most
everyone, and Lee Moyer's brilliant color. Here's just a taste of
what that man is capable of: a page done some years ago when last
time there seemed to be someone ready to print Starstruck in color...

Anyway, something to look forward to, and I especially hope it leads to the long-awaited resolution (or at least conclusion of sorts) to the whole thing...

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