Wednesday, February 08, 2006


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I'm giving away some comic books! I have an complete, extra set of the Root Nibot/Colleen Coover Oni miniseries Banana Sunday, and I'm giving them away to a good home. And all you have to do to qualify is send me naked pictures of your girlfriend email me at johnnybacardi_ (at)excite dot com (mind the underscore), and after collecting entries for two weeks, I'll have a third party draw one name out of a hat, and that'll be the winner!

A few more details: This contest is open only to those living in the continental US. I'm paying the postage, and as much as I'd like to include my overseas friends, my generosity has its limits and overseas shipping is a bitch. Send your name and mailing address when you enter. Cutoff date is 12:30 AM Thursday, February 23.

Sunday is a very nicely illustrated and lotsa fun miniseries about a young girl, her friends (and enemies) at a new school, and three intelligent apes. Well, one intelligent ape, one randy ape, and the indescribable GoGo. I thought it was kinda run-of-the-mill at first, despite Coover's beautifully rendered art, but Nibot kinda pulled it out with the unusual explanation for the simians. I have no doubt that if this sounds good to you, you'll love it.

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