Saturday, October 16, 2004

Here we go again with another week's worth of Johnny B's Fearless NFL Pigskin Prognostications!

Disclaimer- these picks are FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. I'm not betting illegally with these, and NEITHER SHOULD YOU...and I take no responsibility if you lose your house.

Okay, here goes nuttin:

PHILADELPHIA over Carolina. The Panthers seem to be in complete disarray, and the Eagles are hitting on all cylinders.
CLEVELAND over Cincinnati. As lame as the Browns have looked, the Bengals have looked even worse.
DETROIT over Green Bay. You gotta believe the Pack is better than what they've shown, but Detroit looks real good on defense, plus they're at home.
TENNESSEE over Houston. These teams seem to be evenly matched, so I take the Titans at home.
KANSAS CITY over Jacksonville. Two teams that appear to be going in opposite directions.
BUFFALO over Miami. Could the Phins be the only team in NFL history to go 14-0 and 0-16? Take the under on this one, 'cause NOBODY's gonna score.
SAN DIEGO over Atlanta. It breaks my heart to type that, but let's face it- if the Falcons can't figure out a way to get Vick on track and score some points, then their 4-0 start will become a dim and distant memory real fast, no matter how good their defense has been so far. SD seems to be putting it together and getting some confidence.
NEW ENGLAND over Seattle. Now you know I love the 'Hawks, but their puzzling and disappointing fourth-quarter fold against the Rams has shaken my confidence in them a bit. If this were at Seattle, maybe- and it's quite possible that they could go in to Foxboro and pull the upset anyway- but I think the Pats are too good to lose at home right now. I stick with them until they give me a reason not to.
NEW YORK JETS over San Fransisco. The Niners, I think, are better than their record indicates- but I don't think they're good enough to beat a tough Jets team on the road.
CHICAGO over Washington. The Skinnies look awful right now, and while I don't like Bears QB Jonathan Quinn, I still don't see them getting beat at home. Maybe a tie.
DENVER over Oakland. Quite simply, the Broncos are the better team, no matter where the game is played.
PITTSBURGH over Dallas. The Steelers seem to have "Mo" on their side, the Cowboys don't. Simple as that.
NEW ORLEANS over Minnesota. You'll lose your mind, and your money, trying to bet on the Saints- but again I go with the home field advantage. A shootout, I think.
ST.LOUIS over Tampa Bay. Two years ago this would have been a hell of a game. Now, who cares?

Last week: a sub-par 6-8. My worst week in a long time. Frigging Seahawks, Packers and Falcons! Season so far: 43-31, .581.


Cut-Throat Money league- I WON! I actually won a game, 24-22, thanks to the Ravens special teams and defense. Sadly, other than my kicker, Jeff Wilkins and 3 points from Deuce McAllister, that's all I got. I had Mike Vick as my QB, but no more. He is benched starting this week in favor of Ben Roethlisberger or Drew Brees, whichever I get when the waiver pickups are determined tonight. I'm now 1-4, last in my division, but I'm not giving up just yet.

Freebie Yahoo league- I WON! 69-39 over the last-place team. I'll take it. I'm now 3-2 and in a 4-way tie for 3rd place.

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