Wednesday, October 30, 2002


My name's David. David Allen Jones. You can call me Dave if you like. I've been called worse.

I don't know what has compelled me to do this. I don't know how to write html code. I'm a married, 42-year-old WASP male of Scottish (on me Ma's side) descent with two kids (18 and 20, girl and boy), a dog and a house who lives in a small rural Kentucky town, Horse Cave to be exact. A pleasant enough hick town with a surprising amount of diversions. College grad, in 2000 (yes, it took me a while to get around to college). Work in prepress graphics and graphic design for a nationwide RV and camping gear retailer. I also do freelance design and illustration on the side, when I can get the opportunity and the motivation. I work part-time at a very small AM radio station that broadcasts country, oldies, and gospel music along with local news and ballgames. I have no reason to believe that anybody would be compelled to read the stuff that I would write here. But still...

There's just something about the idea of keeping a journal like this that is strangely appealing...and truth be told, maybe somebody out there just might be interested-someone living a sad, humdrum existence that's even more humdrum and tedious than mine. Maybe. I love music-listening, collecting, playing, writing. I also read and collect comics (or sequential fiction, or graphic narratives-choose your euphemism) and love to talk about them. I've even made a few tentative attempts at doing one of my own. I love sports, especially pro football. I don't always root for the best teams, but my loyalty is deep and sincere when I do. I also love movies, watching and discussing. My hope is that I can get enough grist from my many interests to create an ongoing column that someone might find readable-and maybe even comment back!

One can also blame Elayne Riggs. I post, once in a great while, on the same message boards that she posts upon, and I noticed a link to in her sig line. See, Elayne? See what you've done?

OK. Why The Johnny Bacardi Show? Well, many years ago, I got a job at a small radio station in a nearby town (that radio station deserves a log entry all its own- maybe I'll do that someday). Most people, when they begin a career as an on-air radio personality, come up with an alias of some sort in order to maintain some sort of privacy. Of course, this wasn't really a problem with this station, but I considered using an alias anyway because let's face it, my name is dishwater dull. I brainstormed for a couple of days and of all the silly crap I wrote down one name jumped out: Johnny Bacardi. Sounded like some sort of Rat Pack-era lounge singer. I liked that, but I just decided to use my own name after all. I did, however, keep the JB name in mind and years later when I developed an internet presence, more often as not I would use the nom de guerre Johnny Bacardi-hence the name of this blog, the Johnny Bacardi Show. Plus, I drink my share of the pride of Puerto Rico. It just seems strangely appropriate.

That's all for today. I'll try this again tomorrow.