Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hello! Good evening!

I have a metric ton of comics stuff I want and/or need to write, but it probably won't be tonight (Animated Hellboy coming on soon) or tomorrow (NFL, plus radio station tomorrow morning). Maybe Monday, who knows.

Typical- I get a boost from all the kind words on the occasion of my blogaversary the other day...then don't post the rest of the week! Thanks especially to Neilalien and the Eye of Agamotto for the special boxed-in shoutout, and all the rest of you who cared to post as well!

My NFL picks are up, in case you care.

I didn't get my comics box yesterday; DHL says it's still in transit, and should be delivered Monday. Oh well, like I said up there I still have a shitload of new books to review anyway, like Mystery in Space 2 and Heroes for Hire 3, as well as that gorgeous Fables hardcover graphic novel.

So be patient with me, and I'll be patient with you, mkay?

Time for Hellboy! See ya!

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