Saturday, October 07, 2006

Good morning! It's a beautiful cool-and-clear October morning here in my old Kentucky home, and I'm up in time to watch The Legion of Super-Heroes.

The plan is to finish the reviews I started the other evening sometime before the day's over, but I wanted to bring your attention to a couple of things I've noticed on the ol' World Wide Intarwub lately, specifically the Comics Blogosphereiverse sector.

First, the redoubtable NeilAlien has written a statement regarding Fraction and Ba's Casanova that sums up my feelings very nicely:

Neilalien's been enjoying trying to take a sip from the $1.99 raging garden hose that is Casanova...

Like the Guinness fellas say, "BRILLIANT!"

Second, something not-so-nice: True Story, Swear to God's Tom Beland, or someone claiming to be Beland, going postal on Greg Burgos in the comments of his column, in which he wrote a non-positive, "non-constructive" review of TS:STG on CBG. I know that criticism stings sometimes, but if this is indeed Beland, it would behoove him to develop some thicker skin or tilt at more fitting windmills, because Burgos didn't cross any lines as far as I can tell when dealing with his work. He didn't like it as much as many have so far, and he said so- and in the process tried to keep the tone light. I've read far, far worse. Hell, I've written far, far worse myself, and Burgos didn't deserve such a temper tantrum- not once, but twice, including "Beland's" responses to the responses to his original tirade. Me, I've liked TS:STG in the past- on paper, Beland's self-effacing and likeable writing style, coupled with his graceful drawing style and ink line, have made the trades a fine read. But this has certainly left a bad taste in my mouth. Heck, "Beland" even pulls out the old "How many comics have you written or drawn" saw when slamming Burgos, which has always struck me as disingeneous at best. I hope that it was someone posting as the writer/artist, but it doesn't seem likely.

OK, now to the TV! Cheers!

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