Friday, January 16, 2004

A lot of folks have linked to this Trapped In A Lyric They Never Wrote! page, which is a worthy attempt to catalogue songs which contain lyrics that reference comic book characters. I haven't studied the list real hard, but I've found a couple of mistakes- Black Sabbath never recorded a song titled "Superman", I think he's thinking about Black Sabbath Vol. 4's "Supernaut" instead, and while I'm always happy to see a Captain Beefheart reference, when he recites "Make me grow Brainiac fingers" in Bongo Fury's "Debra Kadabra" he's talking about the old early 60s Mexican horror flick and its titular character, not Superman's arch-foe. Also, a couple of omissions- Southern boogie guys Wet Willie recorded a song called "Comic Book Hero" on their 1976 album The Wetter The Better, which is a humorous look at the Superman/Lois Lane thing, and the Sensational Alex Harvey Band did a song called "Sgt. Fury" on their Impossible Dream album.

I'll try to examine it in depth later, and maybe even come up with a few others...

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