Tuesday, January 13, 2004

I'm sure many of you are aware of the recent Funky Winkerbean comic strip storyline, which involves the closing of the neighborhood comics shop and the reactions to this news by the regulars, specifically mailman "Crazy", he of the air guitar proficiency.

All in all, pretty interesting storyline, one which many of us can relate to (although thankfully not me...yet), and while it lapses into some teeth-grinding pretentiousness sometimes, in this as with most Funky storylines, I'm interested in how it all turns out. They've been running this strip in the Louisville Courier-Journal since I was a teenager, it seems, and I've enjoyed seeing how it has progressed from a high school hijinks type gag strip to what it is now, more of a drama involving the high schoolers as thirtysomething grownups. One recent storyline, which involved new lawyer Lisa Moore and her quest to juggle her home life while she tries to prevent the execution of a death row prisoner, was equal parts happy and sad, and very engrossing. Kudos to Tom Batiuk and company on his underrated comic strip.

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