Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Just in case you care, here's what I'l be picking up tomorrow according to the Diamond shipping list:


And that's it! Looking forward to New Frontier, which promises to be a good one, and I'm curious to find out how Brubaker & Phillips is going to wind up the first run of Sleeper. Since we already know there's going to be a vol.2, that kinda takes some of the suspense out, but everything in that book is so gnarled up right now that I want to see how he resolves it all. And Bendis and Maleev are back on Daredevil ! Hoop-la!

More whoops and haloos are in order because I just read over at Graeme's where Andi Watson's Love Fights, which I inexplicably declined to pick up when it was initially released, is coming out in a trade collection of the first six issues. I had been kinda keeping an eye out on eBay for a set of the first six issues, and now that will no longer be necessary, thank you very much.

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