Saturday, January 03, 2004

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Here's an interesting cover for the upcoming Sandman Presents: Thessaly miniseries by someone who's a relative newcomer to me, Tara McPherson. You can go to her website by clicking on either the image above, or the image in the feature spot at right.

I like her clean, simplistic style, nicely rendered and with excellent use of color. She also did the cover for the latest issue of Lucifer, and seems to be lined up to do several more for not only that book but other Vertigo imprint titles as well. Of course, Mark Ryden seems to be an obvious influence, Marc Hempel (perhaps) another, but her stuff also reminds me a lot of another Vertigo creator who did several covers in the late 90s though she's primarily a colorist, Sherilyn Van Valkenburgh. I liked her work a lot, and hate that I don't get to see more of it.