Tuesday, January 13, 2004

In regards to this Marvel Age thing that's sparked some discussion here and there, I don't really have an strong opinion one way or another- I recognize that it is in the industry's best interests to get younger readers buying comics again, and this sounds as good as anything. Nothing attempted, nothing gained, as that Shakespeare fella once wrote. As far as the actual notion of redoing those great Lee/Kirby/Ditko/Heck/Ayers etc. stories of yore, and the potential aesthetic disaster that is implicit in that notion, well...it seems to me that the last thirty-odd years of convoluted continuity, Liefelds and Rich Bucklers have done far more to tarnish the luster of those classic originals than any attempts to totally re-write-and-draw them now, especially in the clever and energetic modern amerimanga-ish style could do, especially since the medium is intended to be such a niche item anyway. In other words, let 'em rip. We still have the originals to go back (and the various reprints of same) if we want to get the uncut funk, as it were. Like Bill Sherman says, I'm not the target audience for this, so I will retain a healthy skepticism but also force the jury to remain sequestered until I'm ready to make a verdict.

Good thing I didn't have a strong opinion, huh!

Aw, hell, I probably won't even read the damn things myself. Right now, I can't care less about mainstream Marvel comics. Hope lots of kiddies read these, though, and who's to say that I won't buy a couple for my grandson, if I can afford 'em!

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