Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Little slow today at work, hence my numerous postings. Whilst Googling around, looking for a new feature image, I note that while it's not unusual for many illustrators to have an official website, devoted to their work there are several wonderful illustrators that don't, among them Adam Warren, J.G. Jones and Sean Phillips. What's up wit dat? Here's a one-pager for Warren, also here's a not-bad fansite with a lot of pencil art reproduced. Google searches for Jones and Phillips turn up nothing but original art dealers and online shops selling their graphic novel work.

A search for Michael Lark turns up more of the same, with the only really notable site being one which sells his original art, and lets you take a look at a goodly number of the pages for sale, including many from the wonderful Terminal City series, all reasonably priced at $60 per. I'd love to have a couple of those. A search for Promethea and Chase artist J.H. Williams III turns up a website which says it's soon to be obsolete, and directs you instead to the newish site of his longtime inker Mick Gray. All very nice, but I want to see some Williams art! You can still visit a gallery or two which features, among other things, unused covers for Batman 550, Cameron Chase's first appearance, and an unused promo illo for that late, lamented series, cut down in its prime. Speaking of Chase, her writer and co-creator D. Curtis Johnson has no site. Sad. Also siteless are Howard Chaykin, Elaine (Starstruck, Vamps) Lee, and Jay Muth, illustrator of Epic's Moonshadow, among other things. Personal fave Trevor Von Eeden doesn't have one either, although he told me a while back that he hoped to launch one someday.

So what does all this mean, exactly? Not much. Just passing this info on. I know that there are plenty of creators who do have websites, and that's very cool. But it sure would be nice to be able to visit some of these theoretical sites. wouldn't it...?

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