Monday, December 01, 2003

You may have noticed the "Link and Think" button at right. I saw this button over at Susan's, and thought it would be a worthwhile thing to be a part of, plus just a plain ol' interesting thing to do. It's part of a global observance of World AIDS Day, and part of the agreement I made in order to display this link is that I am supposed to write something about HIV/AIDS or AIDS awareness.

I intend to try, but it's a bit difficult because to be honest, I don't know anyone personally who is suffering from this malady. I suppose that means I should consider myself fortunate. Living here in the buckle of the bible belt, the gay community is almost non-existent, even though it does exist...but it's just not as visible. As a result, I just don't encounter too many people at risk, although I do know a few gay men and women, and only one or two personally- and if there is a significant HIV positive presence I just don't hear about it. Guess that's just part of living in a small rural community- there's a "don't ask, don't tell" mentality in effect. There may be more of a presence in Bowling Green, the college town about 40 miles south, but if there is I'm unaware of it. And who knows how many times someone might die from AIDS around here and it gets covered up.

Anyway, since I don't really have any personal experiences to relate, I'll provide a few links and hope that I've done a drop-in-the-ocean amount of good., a site for news and info.
HIVinsite, another news and info site. yep, news and info.

And, a Yahoo! Link List.

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