Sunday, December 28, 2003

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What I bought and what I thought, week of December 24!

Yep, that's right, since I decided to drop JLA and not start picking up Rose and the Thorn, plus the fact that my comics shop only got in one copy of the new Jingle Belle TPB (and I didn't add it to my holds due to my uncertain financial prospects a couple of months ago), and someone else bought it before I got there...that left only the lonely, solitary new issue of Legion to provide me with holiday reading. Well, OK, I also got the new Mojo magazine, but I think you catch my drift. So here goes nothing:

Honestly, I wish I could get excited about this title again, but whatever momentum that was established by the one-two punch of Legion of the Damned and Legion Lost has completely worn away, to be replaced with typically convoluted space-and-time-hopping superheroics (with, of course, Darkseid- two of them, actually) and seldom-convincing soap operatics. Anyway, nicely (if somewhat stiffly) illustrated by Chris Batista and Chip Wallace, and special kudos to colorist(s) "Sno-cone", either a collective or an individual who has taken his or her admiration of Albert Collins to an absurd level. After all is said and done, maybe my tastes are changing, maybe I'm just getting tired of this sort of thing (I've been reading the Legion regularly for about seven years now), I don't know, but either way it doesn't appear that I'm gonna be on board much longer. B