Wednesday, December 10, 2003


It's been another one of those days, in which I spent the majority of my time running around and leaving myself no time to speak of in front of the butterfly curtains.

I had a job interview today, at a newspaper in nearby Bowling Green. Could be interesting and enjoyable, but the pay's not great. Still, it pays better than unemployment benefits, and lasts a heck of a lot longer, so if they want me, I'm theirs. They will, as the saying goes, make a decision in a few days. I did find out that based on a 5-minute typing test that I can type 53 WPM. Good to know.

The great comics cover debate has raged on without me for most of the last couple of days; I don't really have much to add to what I said earlier but I will say that I could post any number of examples of what I think some of the "best" covers of the last ten years are, but what's the point? As some sage once said, opinions are like assholes, everybody has one...and until someone comes up with unquantifiable criteria for determining once and for all what constitutes the "best", then all you would have is what I think are the best, and while that goes a long way on Planet Dave, it means significantly less to the wild wanton world. I will state for the record as saying out of the examples ADD posted today, I really liked that Green Arrow, admired the cleverness of the Promethea, even though I think there were at least a dozen better ones (including the McCay swipe of an issue or so prior), somewhat liked the evocative, but static Chris Ware, and was mostly indifferent to the others. Crumb is always good, but I've seen him do better, I'm not really a Boswell fan, and while I have always appreciated the joke behind Destroy!!!, at the time I wanted to see more Zot!, and didn't really think that the finished result was as inspired as the initial idea. But the cover certainly clues you in to the content and grabs the attention, fer shur!

And Tegan: I loved that Bolland Gotham Knights cover. Bolland is the master of the clever, arresting image. I thought his series of covers for Vol.3 of The Invisibles were brilliant for the most part, among many others.

Speaking of comeek books, I got my stack today and didn't notice Walking Dead #3 wasn't in it until I got home. I called and had them put it back for me, but I probably won't get it until next week. Sigh. I did get my copy of Paul Pope's Heavy Liquid today, so I'm looking forward to the chance to kick back and read it.

Moving on to other topics, I've been asked to do a Christmas Vinyl-O...but I don't know if I can! I don't really own all that many, especially any that are particularly noteworthy. Last year about this time I posted a list of my favorite individual Christmas songs, so maybe that will suffice and I can do a proper secular MV-O sooner rather than later. I've been very aware that my music blogging has suffered due to all the comics blogging I've done lately, and I hope I can get lots of new music for Christmas so I'll have more to write about! Hint hint!

Shifting gears now, I heard this morning, to my amazement, that the Atlanta Falcons had canned head coach Dan Reeves! I'm a little divided about this news, while I felt that Reeves' style was conservative to a fult sometimes, especially this Vick-less year, still he has had more success with my hapless Falcons than any other coach has had, and I especially was surprised that the firing came with three games left in the season! As I understand it, the Falcons' owner Arthur Blank told Reeves that he was history after the season was over, and Reeves requested that he be let go now rather than serve in a lame duck capacity. Well, OK, understandable, and it does free Blank up to do his search for a new coach sooner rather than later...but I feel Reeves deserved a bit better. Of course, Blank inherited Reeves, didn't choose him, so you knew it was a matter of time...and of course, Michael Vick missing 3/4 of the season, thus ensuring the Falcons' season would be a disaster didn't help his case. If Vick had remained healthy, the Falcons win 9-10 games, go to the playoffs, and Reeves becomes tougher to fire. Que sera sera, I suppose, but I don't like any of the candidates for his replacement mentioned so far.

I feel the urge to write a paragraph or two about the fascinating book I just read Nick Drake: The Biography by Patrick Humphreys, which is exactly what it says it is- an account at the brief life and undeniable talent and legacy of the enigmatic musician, of whose work I am an admirer.

Oh well, that's enough for tonight. I leave you with a great quote, which doesn't apply to anything in particular as far as I'm concerned, it's just a great quote:

This is not a novel to be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown with great force. Dorothy Parker

Oyasumi nasai. Y'all.

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